You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R.B. Fuller


Resistance was formed out of love for games and desire to touch the very core of players’ being. We believe that the best way to do that is to provide original, inspiring game experiences you can’t get anywhere else. This means we cannot jump the bandwagon of thousands of other developers marching to match the latest trends, but to focus on inventing and mixing gameplay elements in a fun and unique way. Best way to stay ahead of competition is to follow our own path.

We are privately owned Finnish game development studio just a reindeer’s piss away from the arctic circle. Under the blazing aurora borealis we are creating PC and console strategy games that will stand the test of time.


Join the Resistance!

3D Artists

We are looking for a 3D artists to join our team working for an unannounced turn based strategy game for PC. In this position you will be working with small creative team of artists with a passion to produce the highest quality visuals.

  • Create polished 3D characters, environments and assets
  • Creating high quality textures
  • Co-operating with other artists to uphold visual style
  • Working in agile work mode with programmers, artists and designers
  • Proven skills in 3D modeling and texturing
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Understanding of the game development process
  • Fluent English and good communication skills
  • Experience in Unreal Engine
  • Experience in animation and/or rigging
  • Good drawing and painting skills

Why should you join the Resistance?

  • We have a great team of passionate and experienced game developers fighting the good fight
  • We love strategy games and if you love them too then you’ve found your tribe. If gameplay is king then strategy games represent the Ozymandias – the king of kings.
  • We’re all humanists, few by education – all at heart. This means you’ll fit right in as nothing human is alien to us. We believe that by respecting each other’s talent and contribution we’ll get the best results and most committed team.
  • Our office is located at the heart of Oulu, Finland’s second biggest game industry hub with Europe ‘s youngest population and 25 000 university students
  • High living standards – apartment prices even at the very centre of the city start from 10 euros per square meter. There’s no need to compromise between short commuting time and comfortable living space. According to European Commission’s Quality of Life in European Cities report, Oulu has the highest quality of life in Finland.
  • If you need help in relocating, we’ll be happy to help. If you’re stuck in the capital area – worry not since we have a small office there as well.


Resistance Games is a young, but experienced game studio based in Oulu. Our passion is to produce unique strategy games for PC platform. We all are seasoned professionals that enjoy working in focused but relaxed atmosphere.

Join the Resistance!
Send your application and questions via email to:


Rantakatu 3, 90100 Oulu