Resistance Games at Nordic Game

The Nordic Game conference brings together games industry professionals twice a year in Malmö, Sweden. The spring event takes place on May 17–20 has grown to be the second largest game developer conference in the world, and this event is already the 20th NGC!

The focus has traditionally been on the Nordic game industry, as the name implies, but professionals from all over the world flock to the scene and the talks and opportunities for networking, recruitment and funding makes it a very worthy investment of time, no matter where you hail from.

Resistance Games will represent at Nordic Game 2022 Spring, as well. CEO Anna is traveling there with our Narrative Designer Antti Seppänen. The only talks we’ll be having are going to be off-stage this time too, just like in GDC. Got pitches to pitch and connections to be made!

The event is in just over a week – maybe see you there?