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Build your legacy of power

Great Houses of Calderia is a modern generational Grand Strategy Game sets in the fantastic land of Calderia inspired by the Renaissance. Build your family’s legacy of power and rise in the ranks of the Great Houses of Calderia!

About us

Resistance was formed out of love for games

Resistance was formed out of love for games and the desire to touch the very core of players’ being. We believe that the best way to do that is to provide original, inspiring game experiences you can’t get anywhere else. This means we cannot jump on the bandwagon of thousands of other developers, marching to match the latest trends, but to focus on inventing and mixing gameplay elements in a fun and unique way. Best way to stay ahead of the competition is to follow our own path.

We are a privately owned Finnish game development studio just a reindeer’s piss away from the arctic circle. Under the blazing aurora borealis we are creating PC and console strategy games that will stand the test of time.


What's happening at resistance

What's happening at resistance


The project goal is to develop a digital toolbox for creating certain elements of strategy games. With these tools some of the most time-consuming elements of the game can be created in a way that radically saves resources, creating a more efficient pipeline and workflow. These tools enable creation of game elements in a way that greatly increases the quality and amount of content in the game and add re-playability value to the game, which is a crucial part of an engaging gaming experience.